Sara – Self-Published

This short novel was written after I completed my MS in Biotechnology at Hopkins. I loved the subject so much that I decided to let my imagination run free and mix it up with all the related parascience/paranormal I had learned and researched on my own time with a twist of course, there is always a twist: the secret military programs surrounding those topics. It was actually well received by critics, but not so much by the readers.

You can read it for free by downloading the following pdf file: Sara



John Doe, a mutant with an extra bit of chromosome-protein that has endowed him with stupefying psychic powers is able to infiltrate and control human minds, earning him recruitment from childhood onward as a U.S. government secret psi agent—but also making him a pariah, looked upon by his Black Ops handlers as a potential threat and less than (though more than) human. Now, the adult John is told a lab-grown woman, Sara, has been successfully modeled after his rogue genes. With a lifetime of implanted false memories, she is to be carefully inserted into her “real” life as a beautiful co-ed at a sham setup of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, and among an army of imposters monitoring her, John is to masquerade as a classmate. His Jedi mind-tricks will let him pry into Sara’s subconscious and guide her along to accepting the status quo—or else. But Sara’s powers are already known to far surpass John’s. What if she’s a woman who can’t be fooled?


“A Scintillating tale that ends just as it gets going.”

-Kirkus Review

“I loved it. First time I finish a novel from beginning to end. Impatient to read more about Sara and John.”

-Pascal de Clermont, world-renown French Mentalist.

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