One Land One King – Book Published by American Book Publishing Group

This is my debut novel, which I wrote when I was studying Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic religions, beliefs and medical practices. Everything is mixed up in it, philosophies and beliefs from the far East to the far West, in order to come up with  a universal concept by going through the classic duality, synchronization and synchronicity phases. It actually received good reviews and did well. The only criticism was the flat characters…not everyone agreed on that. However, it might be true since I was focusing on the mechanics of the environment and on the common points between the characters more than on their differences… 🙂
You can read it for free by downloading the following pdf file: One_Land,_One_King
One Land One King
“This story tantalizes the imagination with its vivid rendering of a world not quite like ours. Escape into the pages and expect to emerge from them days after the fact. … This is a book that redefines the fantasy genre in a unique and compelling way, revisiting the classical dichotomy of good and evil but with a distinctiveness that could have only been Inspired.”
–Robert Baer, author of New York Times bestsellers See No Evil and Sleeping with the Devil.
After their grisly battle for supremacy over the One Land, the king and his five knights anticipate peaceful times ahead of them. Then, almost before they can rest their bloody swords on the ground, angels and demons–masquerading as humans–begin to carouse the Earth, vying for human souls before their very eyes, powerless to stop it.

While the king and his knights are without equal on the battlefield, this war is different from all the others they have had to face. It takes place in the heart of their cities and of their people. A secret war of influence has started with the rise of the One King, and the outcome, the doom or salvation of their world, is to be determined by Yan, an oddity chosen by Heaven to be the scale on which the actions of men shall be weighed.

“Hassan’s aggressive morality tale marries mortal combat with heavenly and demonic influences, but fuller characters would’ve added resonance to the adventure.”

–Kirkus Review

One Land, One King is an engaging, well-written story, and I thoroughly recommend it to fans of both genres…”

–Amy Nelson, The Bismarck Tribune

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