Mysticism and Science


“There is a central order to the universe, an order that can be directly apprehended by the soul in mystical union.”

–Albert Einstein

“Have you often found yourself moved by a fine speech or piece of poetry? Do you sometimes feel a spiritual connection to other people that can’t be explained in words? Do you think mystical experiences are just wishful thinking, or real?

These questions are from the third and final subscale of self-transcendence, which Cloninger call “spiritual acceptance versus rational materialism”.

Individuals who score high for mysticism are fascinated by things that can’t be explained by science. They see a loaf of breed that resembles Jesus or parking space that opens up just in the nick of time as evidence of a higher power. Often they claim to have a “sixth sense,” or extrasensory perception. They believe in miracles.

Low scorers on this subscale are more materialistic and objective. The see an unusual loaf of bread or an unexpected parking opportunity as nothing more than coincidence. They don’t believe in things that can’t be explained scientifically.”

Taken from the book The God Gene by Dean Hamer, a must read, for both scorers.

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