First human trial of hiPSC!

First human trial of induced pluripotent stem cells! In Japan, Takahashi’s team is currently in the process to get final approval to recruit 6 patients suffering from age-related macular degeneration. The team will remove damaged pigment epithelium and then implant a small sheet of new epithelium, created by coaxing hiPSC to become epithelium cells.

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hESC research and trials are not dead in the U.S.!

Do you remember Geron, the U.S. company to have run the first hESC-derived cells clinical trial where during phase 1 they had treated five acute spinal cord injury patients? The same company that had to discontinue their trials in November 2011 incurring ┬áthe outrage of many people? Well BioTime acquired Geron’s stem cell program and has decided to move forward with the clinical trials given the positive results obtained from these five patients.